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ä TABLET 16.
A Woman Burnt to Death in
Attempting to Save some
(Times, August 1st, 1873.)
· ELLEN DoNovAN, aged 3,7, lost her life on ]u1y 28th,
E 1873, in a bad fire at 8, Lincoln Court, Great Wild
, Street.
i The fire was discovered by a woman who lived in
i the house, and she, with the assistance of her husband,
1 succeeded in saving the lives of several children.
3 Ellen Donovan, who lived in the same court, subse­
‘ quently came up and asked the bystanders " If the
l poor brats were out." On being told, erroneously
§ it appears, that they were not, she rushed into the
burning building with the intention of bringing them
l She reached the top floor and finding no one there,
prepared to descend, but the staircase was by the time
The poor creature screamed for help, but the house
i soon became a mass of flames, and the roof immediately
T fell in.
Lincoln Court, although sixteen feet wide, was reached
_ by steps. It contained twenty­one houses, in which
270 adults and ninety­six children lived. The fire­escape
could not reach the houses, which were made of mud
and plaster.