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A Man Killed in Endeavouring g
i to Stop Runaway Horses. i
,L (Times, rzth April, 1869.) I
è WILLIAM DRAKE was killed on April 2nd, 1869, in stop- l
ping runaway horses under the following circumstances.
iv As the brougham of Mdlle. Tietgens was entering J
Hyde Park by the south gateway of Stanhope Gate l
on the 2nd inst., a waggonette passed in front, causing
Q, the driver of the brougham to pull up so suddenly that ,
the pole broke, whereby all control over the horses
, was lost and they became unmanageable. William
il `l Drake ran forward with Police Constable Wright of the j
p ~ A division, but on trying to stop the off side horse he g
ii was knocked down and received a severe kick on the
g right knee, which, according to the evidence of Mr. ”
il George Bishopp, house surgeon of St. George’s Hospital,
ei resulted in pycemia, which caused death.
. Mr. F. Tagart, 31, Craven Hill Gardens, Hyde Park, 1
who saw the occurrence, deposed to the heroic efforts l
ti poor Drake made to stop the horses, and had he not g
succeeded in doing so, the consequences would have been ä
{ most serious to the two ladies who were in the brougham. ‘
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