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ll"' I
, TABLET 14. Q
jl Fireman Killed in Endeavouring
to Save the Life of a Girl.
[ (Times, july 25th, 1876, and August roth, 1:876.) E
I GEoRc;E LEE, aged 24, first­class fireman, attached to the
Farringdon Road Fire Station, lost his life while on duty 1
è at a fire at 97, ]ohn Street, Clerkenwell, under the following *
lg circumstances.
L, P On the 26th july, 1876, a fire broke out at 8.30 p.m. ä
é on the premises of Mr. Smith, a hatter, living at the above
address. Mr. Smith’s family escaped, but the fire spread l
so quickly that two lodgers who occupied the rooms on the
top floor, were out off before they could descend the stairs. l
Q; Ina few minutes a fire escape and men arrived. George
Lee rushed up the ladder into the top room, and soon after
one of the lodgers, a man named Rooney, slid down the
canvas, the sides of the escape taking fire as he did so. E
_, Lee made a most gallant effort to save the other lodger,
a young girl, but he failed in his attempt, and died from
, the injuries he sustained. In the hospital, to which he was ä
‘ removed, Lee made the following statement ;­-" When ä
g I got into the room it was full of smoke, and I saw a girl on
R the floor and crept to her, and, taking her in my arms,
N tried to make for the window. The heat overpowered me t
, and I fell. I picked her up again, and fell some five or six i
times. After the last fall I threw her over my shoulder t
and managed to grasp the window. I never lost my hold
of her from first to last. I managed to throw her into the
V shoot of the escape, and then I got on to the ladder. She 1
kg { stuck, and I did my best to get her loose, but the flames
were playing all round us." In answer to the Coroner,
Captain Shaw said that Lee had previously saved life at U
f 1
1 ‘