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i TABLET 13.
A Man Drowned in Trying to
Prevent a Young Woman from
Committing Suicide.
(Ll0yd’s, March 26th, 1878.)
RICHARD FARR1s, a labourer, lost his life on May zoth,
1878, in trying to prevent a young woman named
Eliza S. Arlott, a laundress’s assistant, from committing
suicide in the Surrey Canal.
It appeared at the inquest from the evidence of a young
man named Hodgson that as he was about to cross
Globe Bridge, which spans the Surrey Canal between
[ Peckham and Camberwell, he was accosted by Farris,
with whom he was acquainted.
Farris pointed to the girl, who was leaning on the
parapet of the bridge with her face buried in her hands,
and said to Hodgson, that if she (meaning the girl) went
into the water, he would go in after her. Hodgson
noticed the girl, but, saying nothing, passed over the
bridge and entered the Surrey View public­house.
Five minutes afterwards he heard an alarm of somebody
being in the water, and rushed to procure the drags.
Both Farris and the young girl were drowned. The
jury returned a verdict to the effect "That Farris
had been accidentally drowned whilst humanely en-
deavouring to save the lite of Eliza Arlott, who had
committed suicide while in a state of temporary