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Y A Doctor Sacrifxces his
Iig Life to Save a Man.
ia (Lloyd° s, October 2I$t, xgoo.)
DR. STEWART BRowN, of Holly Bank, Brockley Road,
S.E., died on October 17th, 1900, under the following
y;_ sad circumstances.
A fortnight before he had a carriage accident, which (
severely injured his spine. In pursuit of health he was
travelling to the South of Europe, and just as he arrived
at the quay at Boulogne, saw a man fall from the Pier.
ij Without hesitation, injured though he himself was,
he jumped overboard and brought the stranger ashore.
’> Then in his wet clothes he set to work to restore
respiration. This took him two hours but he discharged
his duty bravely. He had to return home at once, and
as a consequence of his noble conduct, died on October
HE 17th, much to the regret of his numerous friends in
; Lewisham.