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A Woman’s Brave Attempt
Q to Save her Mother.
' (Daily Mail, March 31st, rgoo.)
f MRs. JARMAN, the wife of a labourer at Bermondsey,
lost her life on March 23rd, IQOO, in a heroic attempt
to save her mother’s life.
At 2 a.m. on March 23rd, George T. jarman and his
wife found that their house was on fire, and that the
{ flames had hold of the entire building. They rushed
r downstairs and were beaten back by the fire. Mrs.
jarman, in the midst of her fright, remembered that
her mother, aged 77, had not been called, and she started
back towards her room. She crawled through the
dense smoke half way up the burning staircase, calling
out to her mother. The husband saw her task was
impossible, and pulled her back. He then dashed out
ä for help.
Mrs. jarman twice again essayed the burning stairs.
i She eluded a constable, who tried to stop her. He
F, managed, however, to carry her off after the second
i attempt, and was burned himself in the task. Mrs.
$ jarman died from the effects of the burns she had
7 received on March 26th.