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A Railway Flagman Killed ,
in Rescuing a Labourer. ä
(LZoyd’s, March 7th, 1880.) ’
WILLIAM GOODRUM, aged 60, lost his life on February
1 28th, 1880, in rescuing a labourer under the following
Goodrum was in the employment of the North London
Railway Company, and on the day of the accident had
li; been appointed flagman to watch four lines of metals, ,
and to give notice of approaching trains at the Kingsland i
Road Bridge, to a gang of men who were told off to clear
i the gutterings of the bridge.
Y; At 1.30 p.rn. an up train from Kew was coming
.; along and the iiagman signalled to the men to clear
ik out.
i One man, however, did not hear the warning and
continued to work, whereupon Goodrum stepped
,· on to the track of the now rapidly approaching train, 2
and shouted loudly, waving his arms. He succeeded {
in saving the life of the labourer, who heard his shout E
ii and got off the track, but Goodrum was unable to reach
E the six-foot-way in time, and was knocked down by the gg
buffer of the engine and instantaneously killed.