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ii TABLET 9.
f A Boy Loses his Life in Trying to
i Rescue another Lad from Drowning.
V (Lloyd’s, September zzth, 1886.)
DAME!. SELVES, aged I2, lost his life on September roth,
1886, in trying to save a companion.
° The two boys were bathing in the Thames at Tripcock
i Point. William Hall (who gave evidence at the inquest),
of the Thames Police, in charge of No. II Cutter in
k connection with the ship Royaliszl, said they were rowing
9 in mid­stream and heard one of the lads shout to the
ï other, " Keep up a little longer, ]im."
They rowed to the spot, and saw the two boys sink
I clasped in each others’ arms, thirty feet from the shore,
y in fifteen feet of water.
i Both lads were sons of workmen at the Royal Arsenal,
ii and lived at Plumstead.
Further evidence was given to prove that at first
only one boy was in danger, and that Selves went out
to his assistance.