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ä 'l`ABLEr 7.
J Death of Four Men in Attempted
T Rescue at Sewage Pumping Works.
Q (Times, july rst, 3rd, and rgth, 1895.)
, FREDERICK DAv1D jonas lost their lives on july rst,
‘ 1895, in an accident and attempted rescue at the East
Ham Sewage Pumping Station.
‘ Between 6 and 7 a.m. a man named Walter Digby
went down awell for the purpose of cleaning the screen
V in front of the sewer pipes leading to the pumping
station. When half­way down the iron ladder Digby
said to a fellow workrnan, " I feel faint, I shall come up
r again." He started to do so, but when about two
rungs from the top, he fell back and disappeared.
A. Rutter at once descended the well to rescue his
comrade, but he also fell and disappeared. Mr. Frederic
Mills, chief engineer in charge of the works, was told
what had happened, and immediately went down the
ladder. Hearing groans he asked what was the matter,
V and these were the last words he was supposed to have
uttered, as directly after he also disappeared.
Robert Durrant was the next to go to the rescue
and he met a similar fate; F. D. jones followed, but
was quickly overcome. A bucket of fire was then
lowered, and finding this would burn, a man named
Worman volunteered to go down and he succeeded in
I bringing up jones. He descended four times, and on
i each occasion was driven back by the foul gases.
« After three hours he brought the first body to the
< surface, and then two more. Another workman brought
J up the fourth, all were dead. jones lingered a short
ü time and then died.
It is believed that the men were first overcome by
sewage gas and then drowned. A public subscription
was started for the widows and orphans.