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EE; An Attempted Rescue T
from Drowning. T
gl (Times, April 26th, :889.)
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i"· HERBERT PETER CAZALY, aged 30, a stationer’s clerk,
lost his life on April 21st, 1889, in endeavouring to save “
a man from drowning.
fp H. P. Cazaly and a friend were rowing on the Thames *
near Kew, when they saw two boats in danger of collision.
A man in one of the boats, in order to avoid an acci-
4; dent, raised the •.rs and at that moment his boat
capsized, throwing him and his companion into the
ii water. The latter managed to cling to the upturned
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, struggling in the water.
Cazaly at once threw him his coat and waistcoat
` i and also jumped in after him, but, unfortunately, the
gg man caught hold of his would­be rescuer and they both
p sank. Cazaly’s friend went to his assistance but could
p J do nothing, and both he, and the companion of the man
who was drowned with Cazaly, were rescued by the
i, ferryman at Kew. 3
è Cazaly perished, the jury found, in the noble act of
Z trying to save the life of a fellow creature.