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Yf TABLET 4. · *‘

Death of a Police T
i Constable at a Fire.
(Times, january 5th, 1900.)
GEORGE STEPHEN FUNNEL, aged 33, police constable.
l . On December 22nd, 1899, a fire broke out at the Elephant
and Castle public­house, Wick Road, Hackney. The
house was closed at 12.30 a.m., and the occupants were
the wife of the landlord, two barmaids and a barman. T
li The fire was discovered by Constable Baker who, with v
Funnel and two other policemen, entered the house, A
the barman opening the door.
al This caused a great draught, and the fire immediately
spread in all directions. Funnel, hearing there were T
i f other persons in the house, at once went upstairs.
E He succeeded in carrying the landlady and one of '
{ the barmaids through the flames, both of them being
jl burned.
The second barmaid had stopped to collect money
‘ she had in her room, and when she attempted to escape
i* found her retreat cut off by the fire; seeing Funnel,
E she called to him to help her; he did so, and placed
her in safety.
i ` Funnel then became unconscious and fell back into T
the bar-parlour, where he was found later. He died
; n Hackney Infirmary on january 2nd, 1900, from
i pneumonia following on partial suffocation and burning.