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‘i TABLET 3.
,ï The Stewardess of the ss. "Ste11a." ’
i· (Times, April zoth, 1899.)
al MARY ROGERS, stewardess of the L. & S.W.R. Steamer,
gi Stella, wrecked on the Casquets Rocks on March 30th,
‘* 1899, lost her life in order to ensure the safety of the
li boat­load of passengers putting off from the sinking
vessel. As soon as the Stella struck upon the rocks
and it was known that she was rapidly settling down,
Mrs. Rogers, with the greatest presence of mind, col-
lected all the ladies from her cabin on one side of the
ship, and, after placing lifebelts on as many as were
without them, assisted them into the small boats. 1
i Then, turning round she noticed a lady who was still
, without a belt, whereupon she insisted on placing
· p her own belt on her, and then led her to the fast filling
i boat. The sailors called out, " jump in, Mrs. Rogers,"
but she answered, " No, no, if I get in the boat will
· sinl<." " Good-bye, good­bye ! " With lifted hands
. `· she then cried, "Lord, have me ! " and immediately
E the Stella sank beneath her feet.