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The Driver and F ireman I
of the Windsor Express. _ä
{ (Lloyd’s Weekly, july 24th, 1898. Times, july, 1898.)
E WALTER PEART, engine driver, and HENRY DEAN, {i
g fireman, were in charge of the engine of the 4.15 p.m. Q
express from Windsor to Paddington on july 18th, I;
il! 1898.
if After passing Ealing, Peart noticed that the con-
E necting rod had become defective and would need
attention at the first opportunity. Soon after, the
I rod broke and one of the ends was forced through the
casing of the boiler, owing to the great speed at which
the train was travelling.
H Flames and steam were blown with great force from
i. the fire-box, reaching to the tender, and both men were
"‘ seriously burnt and scalded, but, in spite of their injuries, .
it, they stood manfully to their posts until they succeeded p
I in stopping the train. Their heroism and promptitude V
I averted a serious calamity. As Peart was being carried
to the hospital he said, " Is my face cut much ? " He _
4 was told it was. " Never mind," he replied, " I Y
Q stopped the train." Both Peart and Dean died in
I St. Mary's Hospital on july 19th.