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( (Upper Row.)
A Fitter’s Labourer Sacriüces
, his Life to Save his Mate.
; (Times, April 18th, 1899.)
9 ToM GRIFFIN, aged 21, a fitter’s labourer at Messrs.
Garton Hill and Co.’s Sugar Refinery, Battersea, was
T fatally scalded through the bursting of a steam pipe,
l on April 12th, 1899.
‘ Grifiin was in the hydraulic room when a loud report
l was heard, followed by a rushing of steam. An engine
driver present warned the men not to leave the room
as steam was then coming in under the door.
1 Griffin, however, feeling sure that the explosion had
taken place in the room in which fitter F. Biggs worked, (
darted out through the steam exclaiming, " My mate !
my mate ! " A few minutes later he staggered into the
yard terribly scalded, and he died from his injuries
shortly afterwards.
( . It was then ascertained that Biggs had escaped from
the room unhurt before Griffin came to search for him.
( The Coroner's jury in their verdict said that Griffin
( died at his post as a hero, in trying to rescue his mate,
' not knowing he had already reached a place of safety.
The Coroner added that such conduct deserved to be p
recorded ; no doubt there were heroes in every­day life, A
but they did not come to the front, and we did not hear
i of them.